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FF Michael Kiefer Educational Grant Awards for 2014

The New York Firefighter’s Burn Center Foundation is proud to announce the 

                           “FF Michael Kiefer Educational Grant Awards” for 2014

All written requests will be accepted, considered and acknowledged

Please include your present assignment, home address, a contact number and email


The underwriting for these grants are from the proceeds received from donations made in the honor and memory of FF Michael Kiefer.


The particulars are as follows:


Send to:                                                   The New York Firefighters

                                                                  Burn Center Foundation

                                                                  c/o Engine Co. 66 & Ladder Co. 61

                                                                  21 Asch Loop, Bronx, NY 10475


Request                                                  Explain in Five Hundred and Fifty (550) words or less

Send a typed letter:                                 why you would like to receive the award and purpose

                                                        (i.e.: scuba, flying, rappelling, academic, fire science, cooking etc.)



Eligibility Requirements:


         Probationary Firefighters, Firefighters,

FDNY MEMBERS on the job              Lieutenants, Captains, Chief Officers,    

ONLY!!                                                         Fire Marshals, Supervising Fire Marshals, 

PLEASEdo not submit for                Marine pilots, Engineers and Wipers

Children or spouses                                  


Amount or type of Award:    $500 to be paid directly to school or



Number of Awards:               12 Awards totaling $6,000 granted yearly


Submission Date:                  April 15th, 2014 – June 15th, 2014


Date of Award:               July 15th, 2014


Thank you for your support

FF William J. Leahy



NOTE:  On the envelope, please print the word“GRANT” 



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